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Exclusive:TV Folks unveils Christmas memories and Santa of their Life!

“Christmas time has come And it’s time for some fun.
I leave a gift and run Secret Santa time has begun.”

 During childhood, we all had a Santa in our life who made us smile and blessed us with presents and happiness and make our Christmas memorable that we cannot forget. Whenever we talk about Santa that person comes in our mind that we like to share our dear ones. In the same way, our tv celebrities also have their Santa in their lives that they shared with Buzzsouk, who fulfil their bucket list by giving them the best Christmas memories.

 Aishwarya Sakhuja (Trideviyaan, Sab Tv)


 The trideviyaan actress shared her secret Santa story –

I always ended up spending my Christmas at my grandmother’s place. She was my Santa throughout my life.   She is an epitome of unconditional love and acceptance.  She is my inspiration.  She brought so much to my life namely love, acceptance, grace, positivity and most importantly she taught me how to be selfless. As a kid during Christmas, I used to go to my grandmother’s place I would take my socks and used to make wishes. Eventually, I always woke up to the socks being stuffed with little gifts.

 Abhishek Bajaj (Dil deke dekho, Sab Tv)


Rahul Shastri aka Abhishek shared the Santa of his like-

 I believe our parents are the real santas of our life. Yes, my mom is my Santa not because of the secret gifts that she used to give me on Christmas but also the sacrifices that she made for me. From the childhood days to till now she supported me a lot. Whether it would be a carrier or my personal life she supported me a lot.I guess the list is too long to define why she is my Santa but yeah she is my santa for no obvious reason.

Adaa Khan: (Nagin, colors)


The Nagin actress shared her most cherished memory-

 The most cherished memory has to be from my school days when we use to have so much fun. We would have a Christmas party when we would wait for Santa to come and give us gifts. This year, I don’t want anything specific from Santa. I would be happy with whatever he wishes to give me.

Shashank Vyas ( Balika Badhu, Colors)


Jaagiya of Balika Badhu shared his Santa of his life-

 The one person I miss and who has been so close to me all my life my Santa my mother. She was my Santa who fulfilled all my needs, loved me and cared for me. Like they say Santa looks and counts your good deeds and bad deeds I would say my mother is looking at me from heaven and she’s given her blessings that I am doing good in my life.

Ssharad Malhotra: (Kasam, Colors)


 The Kasam actor shared his Christmas memories-

 My Christmas memories are from my hometown Kolkata when I used to visit the church and used to feel peace and a lot of happiness. I want Santa Claus to gift me with some extra time so that I can spend it with my horse and my dog.

Sumit Kaul: ( 24 season 2, colors)


Gyan aka Sumit Kaul who bagged applauds from Anil Kapoor’s 24 season 2 series on Colors shared the Santa of his life-

My santa is MY UNCLE GAASHA (SUNSHINE) MY SANTA. If I look back, then the one person I could see as someone who was like Santa to me then it would be my uncle whom we call Gaasha papa (gaash in Kashmiri means bright sunshine). He was and continues to be the sunshine of our home. To us kids he was synonymous with Santa, always bringing us gifts & chocolates. But he was beyond Santa because he didn’t need an occasion to do this. He was the occasion himself. All of us cousins would be gleeing and smiling our hearts out when we knew we would be seeing him. Even today his hug is enough to bring those feelings back.

Divyanka Tripathi (Yeh hai Mohabatein, Colors)


 Yeh hai Mohabatein actress who needs no definition shared her Christmas memory-

 I think for the first time I’m going to make some worth remembering Christmas memories. There’s no place better than Europe to spend Christmas time. So, this year I am going to make and collect the best Christmas memories