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Exclusive Interview of Abhishek Bajaj from Dil Deke Dekho

 Exclusive Interview of Abhishek Bajaj from Dil Deke Dekho

Abhishek Bajaj who started his carrier journey  from one of the most popular shows of ZeeTv’s Hitler didi and now currently working in Dil deke dekho on sab tv has made his strong place in the entertainment industry in a short span of time.From the Hitler didi to dil deke dekho, this handsome hunk is also recognised for the serials Meri Bhabhi, Parwarish, Santoshi Maa, silsila pyarr ka etc.

 When caught him for an exclusive interview, here is what he speaks about his career and life!

 What are the prominent shows you have done ?

I have started my carrier from Hitler didi and this show gave me a path to move forward in life. I was really applauded by this show from the audiences and from here my journey begins. After that, I have done many prominent shows like Parvarish, Meri Bhabhi, Birbal aur Virrat, Rumm Pumm Po, Silsila Pyaar Ka, Santoshi Maa. Recently I am working on Manish R Goswami’s comedy Tv show Dil deke Dekho on sab tv.

Image1What prompted you to take this role?

The first time when I auditioned, the story narrated to me was a Delhi guy who grew up on the streets. I can relate to it because I have seen people living like that and I have friends from Delhi so I thought I can play the character well. In fact after auditioning for this I told my mother that if I am not selected for this role then there’s nothing I can get. This is the character in which the accent and body language, story line and comedy I can do comfortably. I have left so many offers for this show as I had that confidence for this show.

Tell us something about your character and what is so special about it?

The character of Rahul Shastri that I have been roped for is a very fun loving and innocent character but instead of that he is a smart talker as well. He knows how to manipulate things. He is fun loving, live life to the fullest. He is the guy who’s so attached with his grandfather and off course in deeply love with a girl.

How is it working with Manish Goswami ?Image2

He is  a sweetheart and a friendly person. He  made things very easy for all the team. So, yeah it is such a great experience working with him and yeah I am enjoying a lot.

Who do you share a good rapport with on the sets?

I have a good bond with Jiten Lalwani and for the most part we spent time together by having lunch or just hanging out. Working with Kanwaljit Singh is also a fun as I know him since the time I worked with him in Bhabhi so overall it’s nice and enjoyable.

How is it working with the veteran actor Navneet Nishan ?

Working with her is such a good experience as I have learned a lot from her as she is not just sweet but also has a good sense of comedy.