Every author narrates a story!

All human beings retain some unforgettable memories, whether good or bad about their childhood. The imprint of memories differs from individual-to-individual, while for some these are faint impression while other relive their memories in techno-colors. Pradeep Shrivastava’s childhood memories are still alive in his mind which reflect in his literary fiction titled “Sacrifice – The Road to Obscurity”.
Now, an IT expert from Bangalore, Pradeep was born on October 28, 1977 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He was the youngest of all his siblings. His environment and childhood rearing in hometown motivated this  IT professional to pen down a real life incident, giving it a form of contemporary literary fiction. He has been witness to incidences which have left deep marks on his thinking. These though hard to believe, we experience the evils of injustice and superstitions prevalent in our society through his eyes.

Sacrifice – The Road to Obscurity would appeal to readers. This novel teaches lessons about dealing with real life situations and the ways to overcome them, smartly and practically. It was not easy for Pradeep to bring the novel into print because he faced a number of rejections. This is what forced him ultimately to opt for self-publishing. He did not lose hope or was disheartened, as he was determined to bring his story before the readers. His guts tell him that the story would appeal to the masses and he, therefore, plans to introduce two parts of the trilogy soon.

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