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Did you know these Roses had so much to tell!

Rose Day marks the first day of Valentine’s Week. Being celebrated worldwide it has its roots from the western culture. Rose Day is celebrated by giving roses to our loved ones, be it friends, family or even our someone special. These beautiful flowers are the perfect way to express your feelings and with the various colors of roses available in the market; you can choose the one that describes your emotions best.

Red, Pink, Yellow & White Roses are the best to express your emotions on the Valentine’s Day. Apart from these colors, there are many other colors of roses available like Purple, Orange, Blue, Black, etc. but as these don’t have any significance related to the Valentine’s Day and since our local markets don’t provide us with a lot of options, it serves us with 4 basic colors. So let’s know the meaning & significance of these roses:

Red Rose


Red, as we all know, is the universal color of love. Red signifies love & passion. As the famous English Dramatist Thomas Holcroft once said: “Love and a red rose can’t be hidden.” Therefore, if you’re giving as red rose to someone on this day, it means you’re head over heels in love with them.

Yellow Rose

Bouquet Of Flowers

Yellow here is the color of an undying or a new friendship. A yellow rose is given to someone whom you want to be friends with or you are already great friends with. Yellow being the ‘sunshine’ color signifies that your friendship will rise & shine no matter what the situation is. Because you got to appreciate your friends at least once in a year ;p

Pink Rose


Pink is the color which is mostly associated with girls. But it has no relevance with what it actually signifies. Pink is a very pretty and a cheerful color, therefore pink roses are given to someone who has added cheerfulness in your life. Someone whom you admire. Someone who has made this world a better place to live in.

White Rose


White, as the name suggests, is a color of purity and peace. White roses are given to someone who has a very pure heart. Whose innocence is what attracts you towards them. It also signifies peace…so if you’re seeking for forgiveness. This is the rose you should pick and head towards the person who is mad at you. Because, come on, at the end of the day, it’s rose day and people can’t say no to a rose.