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Designer Bharat Reshma Showcased Their Collection at India Showcase Week 2017

Bharat and Reshma Grover forayed into the fashion industry many years ago with their formal wear collection for men with the sole objective of bringing about a revolutionary change in men’s wedding wear. One of the major factors that got them going were the Indian weddings which were becoming very glamorous, but somehow the bride in all her adorned glory always seemed to steal the lime light. The grooms were always in the staple light colored sherwani which did not do much to enhance his personality on his most special day. Such factors got them into creating garments for the groom which were interesting, unique, aesthetic and gave a whole new meaning to their personality. In recent years, they also launched their women’s wear collection, which too is a huge success now.

Bharat Reshma Grover have established names in the world of fashion and have made a niche for themselves in the world of fashion within a very short span of time, so much so that fashionistas and style icons of today are more than eager to follow in their footsteps. The designers are a holistic package which comes with plenty beyond sheer designing. They are not confined to mere designing but they exude the essence of all pervading style. Besides the fact that their creations appeal to a wide cross section of the society they essentially appeal to the generations y and z. The youth seems completely enamored with their outfits and nothing seems to deter them from opting for their designs.  They have the strongest point of their design as they have an attire for every occasion be it a wedding, corporate event, gala dinner, or a casual outing. Their sartorial sense is individually focused on the details of each occasion. Their Bridal wear designs are inspired by the joys and rituals associated with Indian Weddings. The USP of their brand in the Indianness packaged in a contemporary way.

Wise words by the duo-“We believe Fashion has the power to transform an image and make a social statement, with our hard work, capabilities, and trust in God, we aim for the sky and for inner satisfaction”. Their excellence in the field has been consistently recognized by various quarters of the industry. Already having a plethora of awards in their kitty to mark their achievements over the years they were recently awarded arch the of excellence award, Rashtriya Gaurav Excellence award for fashion designing to name a few as they have excelled in several design categories.

The designer duo has been involved in various events at their breathtakingly beautiful studios with Bollywood Stars like Vidya Balan, Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan, Sonu Sood and Salman Khan to name a few. These stars have heaped praises on the duo’s creativity and have loved the clothes the duo designed for them.

Beyond the horizons of Fashion, the designer duo has also played a prominent role in creating a semblance of social equality and have extended a helping hand to the myriad of social causes which underscores their commitment towards social equality and corporate social responsibility. They have been actively involved in animal rights movements and have made a huge contribution towards managing pets responsibly and saving tiger causes recently.