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Create photographic clones with Mini Klone : the latest technology in 3D printing

Nikhil Kapur in association with Next2Future has launched Mini Klone, 3D printed photographic portraits. This latest technology in 3D printing now allows people to capture their own image in a miniature form. This fun and cool replacement for photographs basically mean that you can own a doll-sized version of yourself.

Mini Klone figurines are created by taking a 3D-scanned photograph of you, which is further processed layer by layer into a figurine with the use of high-end 3D printers. Made of sandstone and poly-resin, the figurines are extremely detailed and a good alternative to photographs. A durable product with an infinite shelf life, with Mini Klone there, is no fear of fading of colors or deforming of shape.

Apart from being a replacement for photographs, Mini Klone is a great idea for gifting purposes. Graduation portraits, corporate gifts, pregnant mothers, superhero figures with your face on the outfit, pets, wedding couples, cake toppers are just a few fabulous ideas of what can be done using the 3D printing process. The figurines can be customized in a variety of materials, including bronze, gold, and silver for jewellery, aluminium alloys for industrial prototype parts and plastic for mobile covers & toys. Replacement parts for electronics can also be made. The technology can also be used to produce a mini version of your house, or parts of it, like the kitchen and bedroom. It can even be used for interior design projects.

Nikhil Kapur’s Mini Klone is a photograph that is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It is your very own personal moment, a memory in 3D that you can literally hold on to.

Being an alumnus of Mayo College, Nikhil has earned a post graduate degree in audiovisual communications. Nikhil Kapur is the grandson of master storyteller Raj Khosla, a famous Bollywood director. He has worked with well-known international ad agencies, made a short film titled `the other woman’. He has also worked with international stalwarts of cinema, including Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki. As a result, early in his career, Nikhil developed a passion for composition and storytelling through visuals. This translated a few years later into him moving from films to still photography.  Nikhil has shot weddings across the country and internationally, with more than 80 weddings in the last 6 years including the one for the Sangam group of Bhilwara.

Apart from weddings Nikhil also specialises in shooting Architecture and Interior design photographs for hotels, publications, and private clients. Currently, Nikhil is working on a book that documents the Architecture and lifestyle of Tea Plantations in North Bengal. Another project that Nikhil is working on is to shoot photos of the colonial schools of India.