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Communicate in silence: Learn to talk less and say more

It’s time that we learned a very powerful element of communicating: using silence in a productive and purposeful manner. In this world of instantaneous communication, we face a tsunami of distraction and impulses even when sitting alone. With internet connectivity at its peak, we are consistently bombardment with information with calls, texts, emails and aim-less chatter.

I say, today it’s becoming totally foreign for us to pause and reflect. I don’t know if you are aware that words account 10% of what is expressed, vocal tone and pace 35% and non-verbal communication a 55%. A lot can be said by actually saying nothing. You can pick up a lot about your companion by non-verbal communication.

Then there are people who aren’t uncomfortable with silence. Sit with them for a delicious meal and you get the unending talk.  I remember very recently my uncle came to visit and he couldn’t stop talking. He went on and on without saying anything. My first experience to see that a human being could actually talk so much and breathe so little. After some time I just stopped understanding what he was saying, as there no substance in his talks.  May be this was just to make us acknowledge his presence and existence.

I love people who can communicate with one another not just with words but also with silence. While sitting in the company, silence is thought to be awkward, something to be ashamed of and avoided. So we talk. But I feel that at times communication is better if you pause, give some time to gather your thoughts and choose your words. This reflects a deeper and thoughtful side of yourself and improved communication.

Silence is a precious gift. A great teacher. In that space between our words, we find ourselves. When the mind is quiet, there are no thoughts and no words to be said, we hear our gut feeling or intuition talking to us. Only if allow ourselves to be quiet, to breathe in and out, without the need to force ourselves into speech. Think, introspect, listen to your inner voice, heart, and intuition to experience our own beauty, and perfection.

We have to relearn the art of not talking when we have nothing to say when we have nothing valuable to add. Who says it’s not okay to have a moment when you don’t have anything to say. The reason for our stress today is that we have not learned to quite our mind or tongue and embrace silence. Learn to talk less and say more when you say something.