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CHULL- A quirky resto-bar that intends to cast away social stigmas

The quirky resto-bar “CHULL” was launched in Gurgaon on 19th October with a theme based party. “CHULL” is daring to be bold and unusual so chose a quirky theme “Majama Pajama”. By this theme, every person in the party had to dress up in their favorite PJs.

Chull-Interior-5A unique avant-garde bar, CHULL aspires to create a destination where today’s youth can engage in conversation comfortably, sans judgmental looks and stares. Space has been designed with an eccentric flair,
complete with neon signs, luscious lip shaped couches and handcuffs dangling from the ceiling. With plenty of ‘read-between-the-lines’ and double meaning messaging, the purpose of this out-of-the-box concept is to dismiss the impediment associated with talking about social taboos in the open.

Chull-Interior-7CHULL is a trendsetter in the current crop of restaurants mushrooming in Delhi/NCR, introducing a bold shake-up concept away from the sector’s brewery infestation. There are many hangout destinations in Delhi/NCR, but it is the owner, Shubham Gupta’s ‘CHULL’ which creates a social hang out spot that not only offers great food and ambiance, but also an opportunity for people to indulge in open discussions and debates around concepts considered taboo by the society. An idea that sprang from a casual conversation at a neighborhood pub has taken shape to potentially become extremely relevant in today’s time.

“CHULL does not intend to induce vulgarity into the culture, instead it wishes to inculcate the importance of safe sex amongst the youth through its quirky interiors, events, and communication. Today’s youth is educated, aware and modern in their outlook, which makes them extremely open to having a conversation on any topic that is still otherwise considered a taboo in society. With CHULL, we want to create that comfort zone, space where one can freely converse over some great food and drinks. Undoubtedly, it’s a bold step, but at the same time we felt that we, as a society needed to create such a space.” says Shubham Gupta, Owner/Managing Director, CHULL.