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Choose The Trendiest Wedding Invitation

Wedding season is well underway, and if you’re planning on ordering your wedding invitations, it may be the right time to start thinking about them. Wedding invitation creates an impression about the tone and theme of your wedding event – a lavish or a simple one.

The invitations cards of your upcoming wedding – should be a class apart to leave a lasting impression. They must be detailed, unique and different from the others to leave an impression. Every detail must speak about the couple’s story and every color emulate love and joy. The design should be an infusion of various cultures and traditions. If you want a lavish event, you can add a personalized gift or a goodies hamper delivered along with the card. A reflection of the best taste and style. Here are a few ideas for the creative and designer trends that you can incorporate in your wedding card to make your day special and unique.


1. Caricature style invites

Caricature Invite -DesignThough you are grown up and a mature stepping into wedlock but the love for cartoons still remains. Avail some artistic services, with caricature style wedding invites. Give your invites an interesting caricature touch that would surely put a smile on your guest’s faces and a feel that they will never forget.




2.Passport style invitations

Destination weddings are beautiful and unique, so if you are planning for a destination wedding then the invites too should match the theme of your wedding. Passport style invitation cards are the best.Passport Invitations are such a fun and unique way of inviting guest’s to your wedding.




3.Pagdi Box Invite

If you are from the groom’s side this Pagdi shaped box is awesome and best idea to give invites along with sweets or chocolates. This Pagdi shaped box is something which is most unique and your guests are sure to save it long after your wedding.




4. Scroll wedding invitation

To add the princely aura to your modern wedding, the traditional roll-open invitation card is something to add a royal and unique touch. This type of invitation creates a majestic time of kings and queens. Pick this wedding card to make your wedding a lifetime memory.




5. Moving compass wedding Invite

Absolutely unique and special in own kind of wedding invite is a movable wedding wheel invite, which features all the important details in this utmost creative and special way. Moving compass wedding invitation is a miniature version of all the important details that can be incorporated. Let your guest’s spin the wheel for important information of your special day.




6.Matchbox Invitation

Really cute and meaningful way to give your guests a wedding invitation can be in a simple matchbox style. Pairing this with an aromatic candle would really make an impact. Select any color of your choice and personalize with 2 lines of text, each line up to 20 characters, with any of the font or design on it.





7. Exploding box wedding Invite

This innovative invitation box gives important details when opened. This unique and modern wedding Invitations can be customized with lace fabrics, brooches etc. to give a luxury style of elegance.








Know what you want and have an open mind. These above-mentioned tips will help you choose from absolutely designer and unique invites. Keep in mind that you want a wedding that will be remembered for its elegance and style.