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Celebrate Janmashtami in the Land of Lord Krishna- Mathura

The land of Lord Krishna, Mathura is in the grip of religious excitement with a continuous influx of devotees since the past week. Janmashtami the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with fervour here. The city echoes with the sound of the conch (shankh) and ringing of bells reaching a crescendo at midnight. Join the celebrations in Mathura, which is located about 135 km south of New Delhi.According to the Hindu calendar,the eighth day of ‘bhadrapada’ month is celebrated as

According to the Hindu calendar, the eighth day of ‘bhadrapada’ month is celebrated as Janmashtami. The two aspects of Krishna Janmashtami that makes Mathura celebration unique are Jhulaotsav and Ghatas. An important feature of celebrations in Mathura city are Jhulanotsav and Ghatas. These are held only in Mathura. During Jhulanotsav, swings are put in the courtyard of temples and houses to welcome Lord Krishna’s birth. It symbolizes cradling of Lord Krishna. Ropes of swings are decorated with flowers to give a festive look. Ghatas, another month-long unique feature, wherein all the temples of Mathura City are decorated with the same colour according to the theme selected. Even The idol of Lord Krishna is adorned with the clothes of the same colour. Devotees put their and heart and soul in decorating the temples and their house to welcome the birth of Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna was born at midnight in a jail to Vasudeva and Devaki in Mathura on the banks of river Yamuna. To ensure the safe transit of Lord Krishna from jail devotees observe a fast and pray during the day and stay awake all night singing devotional songs. The city resounds to the music and singing of the Ras which enact different episodes from Sri Krishna life. In Mathura, during this period you will witness people in colourful costumes. Rasleelas, a kind of dance drama are performed at various places in the city both by professionals as well as amateurs. Rasleela is performed by young boys between the age of 10-13 years. The artist acting as Krishna takes the divine form for devotees who touch his feet in reverence. Jhankis, cribs or scenes depicting the various stages of Life of Lord Krishna are a common sight during Janmashtami. Jhankis depict various important events of Lord Krishna right from the childhood like – Janmlila, Shankarlila, Putanalila and Naglila.

At Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir, Lord’s idol is kept in a room also known as the Garbha Griha. At midnight, (as per the time of birth) priests blow the conches (holy shell), bells are rung in the temple to declare the birth of Krishna. The priests begin the grand Janmashtami pooja with the Abhishek ceremony, Bal Gopal is given the ceremonial bath with turmeric, curd, milk, honey and washed by the holy Ganga water (Gangajal). After the wash, priests adorns Bal Gopal with adorned with new pitambari clothes (yellow-colored clothes) and placed in a bejeweled cradle, which is rocked the whole night. The main priest of the temple then applies tilak, akshat (raw rice), and flower. Aarti is performed and the air resounds with Janmashtami bhajans. The devotees bring their offerings to the idol and afterward open their fast with the Prasad. This bhog is first offered to Sri Krishna has 56 dishes known as chappan bhog. Be a part of this spellbinding evening. It’s a belief that wishes made on this day come true.

How to reach: Mathura is 163 km from New Delhi and 58 km from Agra. It is well connected by road and train (Taj Express). Further e-rickshaws are easily available in the city.

Experience the dancing, singing and feasting celebration in Mathura.