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Badho Bahu Team celebrated Badho Bahu’s Birthday on Set

It was Badho Bahu, Komal aka Rytasha Rathore’s Birthday on 6th January. The whole unit of the show Badho Bahu celebrated her Birthday in her way on sets. Being the leading actress of the show, Rytasha is pretty occupied with work so the celebrations were done while their work mode was on.

Badho Bahu a daily soap, currently airing on And TV where Rytasha Rathore is playing a role of an overweight Badho Bahu named Komal Lakhan Singh Ahlawat. The Producers of the show, Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side Up), Sushant Kumar and Teena Swayyam (Hum-Tum Telefilms) were also a part of the celebration. For them, the entire unit is like one big happy family and they share all the joy together.

Producer Sushant Kumar says, “Rytasha is special to us and very close to our heart so we surprised her with a cake and gifts. We celebrated her birthday on the set with whole cast & crew, prayed for her happiness and good health.

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