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Anavila presenting her Autumn/Winter Collection’17 ‘Blur’

Anavila-Misra-Profile-Picture-1Known for understated designs in subtle colours, Anavila makes a bold move with the focus on black for the very first time. The unmatched intrigue of black, a colour that invokes fierce emotions of strength, power and often manifests the unknown and mysterious, intensifies the reactions to it. In the design and fashion realm, black represents a unique form and probably is the only colour or the lack of it, that connects to the universe like no other. It continues to exude a sense of crisp formality.

Blur re-looks at black in a whole new dimension with fluid softness, intense beauty, deep love and delicacy. Anavila’s refreshed approach romanticizes black to blur its stark intensity.

We look forward to seeing you at Anavila’s show on Thursday, 17th August at 9:30 PM at St. Regis, Mumbai.