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Adopt Healthy Eating Habits advised by Dietician Simran Saini

Simran Saini is a dietitian\nutritionist and weight loss consultant at the Fortis group of Hospitals. She also runs her private clinic, Simran’s Slim Solutions. Simran Saini is also a proud member of International College of Holistic Medicine, London and the Federation of Nutritional therapists, Ireland.  She is also associated with Mc Donald’s India. She has been on their kitchen tours and provided feedback on the breakfast menu launched at Mc Donald. She has been an active participant at various workshops and conferences both at national and international levels. She is also an educator to Yoga Trainers trained at Yoga Alliance, an internationally certified institute.

Simran Saini has been well recognized for her valuable contribution in her field and honoured as the most popular weight loss consultant for her contribution as a dietitian in the health industry by the Indian Board of Alternative medicine. Simran Saini is a co-author of a health and wellness book titled “Herbal Beauty” launched at We Community, Canada. She has written articles in various national newspapers and health journals to create awareness among people about their eating habits and propagate her health mantra.

She has received her formal education in Bachelor’s of Alternative Medicine from Kolkata and obtained a diploma in Dietary Counselling from Institute of Health Sciences, Ireland.  From changing lifestyle and eating habits to evoking a new and positive personality in a being is the prime expertise of her forte.She has helped many overcome disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol Levels beside helping those with health ailments such as PCOD, Thyroid, and infertility in a manner simple yet impressive. This has helped her propagate how food plays a major part in healing. Her programs are patient centred well fabricated to inculcate good eating habits for life.Simran Saini is a weight loss consultant and lifestyle related disorder. She does not just prescribe diets. She will help you make realistic lifestyle changes for better health.