A Denim Dress Code

Who doesn’t have at least a pair of denim jeans? Some style denim jeans with white T-shirts, some wear it with colourful T-shirts and some even try with formal shirts. But the blue coloured fabric can be sported in other ways, too! Here’s a lowdown on other denim essentials that must be in every young fashion lover’s closet.




A full sleeves Denim Shirt is a nice idea to wear with denim jeans. You can make contrasts with different shades of blue by tucking in or carrying out the shirt. A T-shirt with design or logo will give it a casual look for college-goers. You can also fold or unfold the sleeves and make a style statement.








A denim Skirt, long or short, A-shaped or pencil fit will perfectly suit with any colourful top. Pairing with a scarf, a net top or a crop top will enhance your style and confidence, too. To make it more glamorous, accessories like long neck piece or earrings, metal bangles or a funky bracelet can also be a part of this chic look.










A Denim Tunic is another casual look for young and fashionable. A buttoned knee length dress can be accessorized with a belt, sandals and a pair of danglers gives you a dynamic look. These dresses can be worn with broad collars or round shape necks, which ever suits you best.








A Pair of Denim Shorts can be sported by girls as well as stylish me in this hot and humid weather. One can try it with colourful snickers and T-shirts which will surely be a style statement for casual wear. Different shades of blue can be contrasted with light or dark color T-shirts.









A pair of Denim shoes or sandals can easily go with dresses or jeans. The entire footwear is made of denim cloth except the base of footwear. Wearing it with white or black base denim will give a fashionable and casual look.






So, a full-fledge denim day can be celebrated among your friend group or you can even add it to a theme party. Enjoy!

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