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7 Tips to make Janmashtami Fasting Healthy

Janmashtami commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna. On this auspicious day devotees offer prayers and fast to strive for better spiritual connection. If you are planning to fast, here are some tips about healthy fasting.

Janmashtami fasting is basically of two types namely, nirjal fast and phalahar fast. Nirjal fast, literally means a fast without any jal or not a single drop of water is permitted. The fast can only be broken at midnight once the aarti is performed and prasad is offered to the deity. While doing the phalahar fast the devotee can consume milk products and fruits. But remember to refrain yourself from having any form of cereals or any other foodstuffs.

Janmashtamifasting involves a long duration which gives your digestive system a rest .Emotionally, you will feel calmer, clearer and happier.Without addition, of foods into the system, the body takes on a lighter, less dense, feeling. Lord Krishna was born at the midnight hour, deities break the fast at 12 o’clock at night. Some simple and effective (Phalahar) fasting tips can help you to maintain physical and mental strength during fasting this Janmashtami.
1. Have a proper pre-fast meal
According to Hindu scriptures, the sunrise marks a new day. So have a filling mid-night meal before Janmashtami and wake up early to eat before sunrise. A pre-fast meal helps the fasting person gain strength and energy to go throughout the day without any nourishment.
2. Drink fluids

When you are fasting, it is of the utmost important that you stay fully hydrated. During fasting, our stomach needs water to neutralize the acids produced in the body. So have at least 5 to 6 liters of water. Fluid consumption pre and post fast is important when you fast.
3. Eat Fruits

When you are fasting for Janmashtami, you can eat fruits and milk products. So make sure to eat fruits with high water content like melons that will make you feel fuller. Avoid citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and berries as they produce acids in the stomach and can cause acid reflux.
4. Tender coconut water and juices

Tender coconut water is one thing that will give you fluids as well as electrolytes. Fruit juices are also permitted so; you must have juices or even buttermilk and lemonade during the day. Avoid having juice after evening as it causes indigestion.
5. Conserve energy
When you are fasting, try and make it physically easier on yourself. As your body does not have ready sources of energy. So, avoid too much leg work or other strenuous activity.
6. Fasting recipes

Devotees make various dishes with milk and milk products because Lord Krishna was particularly fond of milk and butter. Sweet dishes like kheer, pedhas are made and eaten during Janmashtami.There are a number of fasting recipes that will allow you to snack healthy while fasting.
7. Break fast smartly

Do not over eat too much as soon as you break your fast. It is best if you snack a bit on sabudana recipes and singhara snacks after midnight. Dairy products can increase chances of acid reflux. Avoid fried or heavy foods for breaking your fast and eat slowly after the fast ends.

Follow these tips to stay healthy and maintain physical and mental balance during this Janmashtami.

(Inputs by : Dietitian Simran Saini)