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5 Summer Coolers to Beat the Heat

Summer season is the reminder of Cold Drinks, Lemonade, shakes, Ice-creams and smoothies. Rather than grabbing a sandwich, tikkas or rolls we usually prefer some cool drinks that give us some relief from this hot weather. Add a nice touch to your summer drinks with innovative homely ideas below:



 Rooh afza is a concentrated squash of rich fruits, herbs and vegetable extracts. We normally take it by mixing in water or in milk to add the taste. Add aromatic flavours to milk with some chopped nuts and sabja seeds (commonly known as tukmaria seeds or falooda, these seeds need to be soaked in water for half hour before use). You can also add a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice-cream and garnish with nuts.





Lemonade is synonymous with the summer season. Chilled water with few drops of lemon in it makes your day. What if you add some cucumber in it with some small diced ginger and mint as well, just blend it by adding sugar and salt to taste! Serve this drink in Ice full glass and don’t forget to decorate it with a slice of cucumber, lemon and mint leave on the top of glass.





Smoothies are the perfect partner for the breakfast table. One can experiment` with different fruits like mango, banana, strawberry, raspberry, peach and pineapple, amongst others. Instead of using sugar make it healthier by adding honey. Add chopped fruits or nuts to enhance the taste.





Milkshakes are thick, tasty and healthy tummy fillers with various flavours that make you crave for it every day. Vanilla, banana, mango, strawberry, papaya, date and the list go on. Just mix with a fruit of your choice with same flavoured ice cream, a cup of milk and little vanilla essence. You can also experiment by adding coffee powder, hazelnut syrup, Oreo biscuits, or whipped cream with some chocolate chips.


Coffee and Tea lovers can also add new flavour to their cup by adding lemon and ginger in tea or adding fruits to the coffee with milk and sip it by adding ice.

All these drinks can be made in just 10-15 minutes. Give your summer coolers a little twist, shake well and enjoy the sunny weather!