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5 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods to Spice up your Love Life

For centuries, man has done all possible efforts to boost his sex drive with outlandish lotions, Viagra, and many other pills. But the secrets to a healthy sex life are right there in your kitchen. Food and sex drive are closely linked with other. What you eat actually have an impact on your sex power. There are a number of food items which you love to eat but might not be aware that apart from health benefits, they have the power to boost your libido.

1. Chillies:  It may not sound like the most romantic thing to put into your mouth but a chilli can actually boost your sex drive. It warms you up, gets your heart pumping, stimulates nerve endings and increases the blood flow. They have capsaicin, which is a chemical that can trigger important endorphins to be released. Those endorphins can have an amazing effect on your sex drive. Capsaicin will also improve your metabolism and circulation, which helps you to reach your climax during sexual intimacy.

2. Chocolates: There’s no dispute that this is a sex booster. The chocolate itself is a sensuous food and contains the chemicals anandamide and phenylethylamine, which boost serotonin levels—the feel-good hormone.

3. Watermelons: They contain citrulline, which relaxes the blood vessels in much the same way as Viagra does. Also, it is one of the most loved fruits of the season so make your life full of love and affection with this fruit.

4. Pomegranates: They are high in antioxidants, so boosts blood flow, in turn increasing genital sensitivity. So, this fruit can do wonders for you and make your relation stronger than ever.

5. Cardamom: The flavoured spice, liberally used in mithais, is a natural alternative to Viagra, as it is believed to help counter male impotency. It contains cineole, a compound that increases blood flow to the sexual organs. Cardamom possesses aphrodisiac properties and is also used as a natural cure for impotency, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.