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What your fav TV celebs said when asked about their best childhood memory?

No matter how popular we are and how hectic life we have, but we all still have a child in all of us with our best childhood memories. – this is what TV folks think about their childhood days. When Buzzsouk asks your popular TV stars about their best childhood memories, here are what they said-

Ssharad Malhotraa :


Ssharad Malhotra who got fame by the popular TV serial Banu me teri Dulhal on Zee TV and recently winning many hearts from his new show Kasam on colors TV said-The best part of childhood days were my summer vacations because that was the time when I never had to worry about anything. No studies, exams or assignments. I would play with my friends all day, go for bicycle rides, explore outdoors and then sleep peacefully at night, which is something not found today. If ever again I get a chance to be a kid, I would love to go back to those vacations where I didn’t have to be worried about anything!

Jay Soni


 Last seen Kuch Rang Pyarr ke aise bhi on sony TV, jai soni who still has kiddish cute smile said -Being a kid was so much fun. I was a total brat, by the way. I was pampered like anything. Whatever I wanted, I would have it the next day. Also, I got away with a lot of masti while my other friends weren’t as lucky! I wish I can still be forgiven for all the masti I do now! But still, I would like to be a spoiled brat again if given a chance where my mistakes were forgiven and were loved excessively!

Ravi Dubey


Ravi  Dubey who set the idol image of  Jamai Raja in every mother in law’s heart by his popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV said- I grew up in Delhi and I had a rocking childhood. There was just no stress. Nothing that was outside my building and school walls mattered to me. I remember being quite excited whenever I would go to amusement parks and fun fairs with my parents. I really cherish those sweet memories.

Vivaan Dsena


Getting applauds from his new TV series Shakti on colors, Vivaan said-As a kid I was a very active athlete. I was very competitive and wanted to push the envelope in any sport I played. I had a special spot for football and played it in my school and in my area. It was good that I was never told off by any adult, when I was pursuing sports. I am thankful to them for that. But yes, the memories of playing sports are something I really cherish.

Rashami Desai.


We all know she is the most amazing actress who has won many hearts by her outstanding performances in a short span of time. On children’s day, Rashmi also shares her childhood memory with us. She said While I was an introvert who opened up later, I was never far away from playing a prank on my classmates in school! Having said that, I was quite a disciplined girl because my mother was a teacher. The fact that I participated in cultural activities opened me up. But if given a chance, I would any time chose that period of my life where I could go back to and prank someone!

Vabhiz Doberjee– Getting fame from the most popular TV show Pyaar ki Ek Kahani on star one, she said- The best part of y childhood are school days, I had American syllabus in my school and it was kind of picnic because we had lockers, no examination until 8th grade so yes I would like to go back to school with the same friends. I was an athlete loved playing basket ball so would want those days back as those were the golden days of my life.


Ankush Arora


Young and popular actor Ankush Arora who plays Kartik in Trishulla Films Yeh Vaada Raha used to be a naughty kid. Ankush shares his childhood masti stories with us. He says,”My father had a scooter and I remember there was a strong urges to ride it, one day I took the key and had a ride without my dad’s knowledge.” Ankush was also very scared of school tests so one day when he had a test he smartly lied to his parents and told them the school is closed. Ankush also adds,”The most fondest memories from childhood would be when my sister used to write my assignments. If I can rewind my life and can go back to my childhood I would love to play with my old friends and will have meals with my loving family and explore new things.