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What your fav TV celebs said when asked about their best childhood memory?

No matter how popular we are and how hectic life we have, but we all still have a child in all of us with our best childhood memories. – this is what TV folks think about their childhood days. When Buzzsouk asks your popular TV stars about their best childhood memories, here are what they said-

Ssharad Malhotraa :


Ssharad Malhotra who got fame by the popular TV serial Banu me teri Dulhal on Zee TV and recently winning many hearts from his new show Kasam on colors TV said-The best part of childhood days were my summer vacations because that was the time when I never had to worry about anything. No studies, exams or assignments. I would play with my friends all day, go for bicycle rides, explore outdoors and then sleep peacefully at night, which is something not found today. If ever again I get a chance to be a kid, I would love to go back to those vacations where I didn’t have to be worried about anything!

Jay Soni


 Last seen Kuch Rang Pyarr ke aise bhi on sony TV, jai soni who still has kiddish cute smile said -Being a kid was so much fun. I was a total brat, by the way. I was pampered like anything. Whatever I wanted, I would have it the next day. Also, I got away with a lot of masti while my other friends weren’t as lucky! I wish I can still be forgiven for all the masti I do now! But still, I would like to be a spoiled brat again if given a chance where my mistakes were forgiven and were loved excessively!

Ravi Dubey


Ravi  Dubey who set the idol image of  Jamai Raja in every mother in law’s heart by his popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV said- I grew up in Delhi and I had a rocking childhood. There was just no stress. Nothing that was outside my building and school walls mattered to me. I remember being quite excited whenever I would go to amusement parks and fun fairs with my parents. I really cherish those sweet memories.

Vivaan Dsena


Getting applauds from his new TV series Shakti on colors, Vivaan said-As a kid I was a very active athlete. I was very competitive and wanted to push the envelope in any sport I played. I had a special spot for football and played it in my school and in my area. It was good that I was never told off by any adult, when I was pursuing sports. I am thankful to them for that. But yes, the memories of playing sports are something I really cherish.

Rashami Desai.


We all know she is the most amazing actress who has won many hearts by her outstanding performances in a short span of time. On children’s day, Rashmi also shares her childhood memory with us. She said While I was an introvert who opened up later, I was never far away from playing a prank on my classmates in school! Having said that, I was quite a disciplined girl because my mother was a teacher. The fact that I participated in cultural activities opened me up. But if given a chance, I would any time chose that period of my life where I could go back to and prank someone!

Vabhiz Doberjee– Getting fame from the most popular TV show Pyaar ki Ek Kahani on star one, she said- The best part of y childhood are school days, I had American syllabus in my school and it was kind of picnic because we had lockers, no examination until 8th grade so yes I would like to go back to school with the same friends. I was an athlete loved playing basket ball so would want those days back as those were the golden days of my life.


Ankush Arora


Young and popular actor Ankush Arora who plays Kartik in Trishulla Films Yeh Vaada Raha used to be a naughty kid. Ankush shares his childhood masti stories with us. He says,”My father had a scooter and I remember there was a strong urges to ride it, one day I took the key and had a ride without my dad’s knowledge.” Ankush was also very scared of school tests so one day when he had a test he smartly lied to his parents and told them the school is closed. Ankush also adds,”The most fondest memories from childhood would be when my sister used to write my assignments. If I can rewind my life and can go back to my childhood I would love to play with my old friends and will have meals with my loving family and explore new things.



Yesha Rughani from Hero Gayab Mode On

Yesha Rughani from Hero Gayab Mode On

Working during a pandemic is no easy feat, but actor Yesha Rughani, who was last seen in Muskaan, says that all precautions are being taken on the sets of her brand her show Hero Gayab Mode On. Talking about it, she says, “I think new normal has become a lifestyle now. Whether I am going for work or something else, I have to follow precautions. Obviously, you are scared. But on the set, we take many precautions, medical people are there, they check us every day. The makeup and hair stylists are wearing their kits. So, I think overall it’s a secure working environment. I hope everybody stays well and fit.”

The actor is back on the sets after almost a year and is loving it. “We wrapped up Muskaan’s shoot in December last year and this show is launching December. We have started shooting from November so I think almost a year. It just feels too good to be back and I think I have been missing being onscreen. I missed shooting and I am loving the feeling of getting on the makeup chair, the entire routine, listening to action, cut, roll each and every minute detail of shoot life. It’s fabulous to be back,” she says.

In fact, she’s got a lot of appreciation for her look too. “I rejuvenated myself during this break. I got into this healing thing where I was on a strict detox and my skin healed, my hair, my body healed. I was in my comfort zone and used to wake up on time and follow a proper routine, even though there was a lockdown. I had ample time in the lockdown to take care of myself. I am fresh as a flower now and all set to rock again. For the new look, I am getting really good reviews because people are seeing me like this onscreen for the very first time. My first two roles were very different. So, seeing me in a totally different avatar with short hair is exciting. I have really lost weight, there is a different kind of look and feel to the role. I am getting a very good reaction and I am loving it,” she says.

Meanwhile, Yesha started a balloon business too during the lockdown and plans on balancing both her acting and business venture. “Lockdown has, of course, changed our lives in many ways from being able to value things to be grateful to life, self-healing and taking care of yourself, self-discipline. I ventured into a new business. I love to be very busy so I think it wouldn’t be a problem to manage both the things. I have my sister also who is taking care of this business, apart from me. I think it works for us. I also carry my laptop and everything to shoot so that if I get some time, I make some designs and send them across. I think it’s going to be fun to manage both,” she says.

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Anupamaa welcomes Kinjal in the Shah home, gives lessons on a happy married life

Anupamaa welcomes Kinjal

Anupamaa in Rajan Shahi’s show of the same name had the dream of welcoming her daughter-in-law with a lot of love and warmth. And though her elder son, Paritosh, married Kinjal without the permission of their families, Anupamaa made sure she welcomes the newly-wedded couple by following all the rituals and a lot of love. 

Firstly, when Rakhi was going to slap Kinjal for taking this step, Anupamaa stopped her saying that she cannot hurt her daughter-in-law and welcomed them home by doing aarti. Both Baa and Vanraj were quite upset with the kids, and said that they have given an opportunity to Rakhi Dave to seek revenge from them. When Paritosh said that if they have so much problem with them, then they will go somewhere else, Anupamaa stopped them and said that it’s their home and they will stay here.

Anupamaa welcomes Kinjal

Anupamaa is over the moon that she has become a mother-in-law now and tells Paritosh and Kinjal that they need to seek blessings from everyone including Kinjal’s mom and father. She also told them that the secret to a happy married life is letting go of unnecessary arguments. She also welcomed Kinjal in the kitchen and taught her the daily rituals that she follows. She also asked her to serve everyone halwa as part of a ritual of her first day in the kitchen. But Baa who is upset with how Rakhi created a scene outside their house said that nothing can help her overcome the bitterness given by her mother.

In the upcoming episode, the audience will see that Anupamaa asks Kinjal to apologise to Baa and also takes her to meet her mother Rakhi. But will Rakhi accept Kinjal’s apology? What will be her next move as she has promised to destroy the Shah family.

Produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi, “Anupamaa” features Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Shekhar Shukla, Paras Kalnawat, Muskan Bamne, Tassnim Sheikh, Aashish Mehrotra, Nidhi Shah, and Anagha Bhosale. It airs on Star Plus.

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” I want to do it just like Deepika”, model Sasha Merchant

Sasha Merchant

Over the years, Deepika Padukone has given Bollywood some of the most memorable performances and serves as an inspiration to many young girls be it for her fashion or her spectacular work. Aseem Merchant’s daughter Sasha Merchant too looks up to the superstar for making it big in the industry.

Speaking about how Sasha would like her Bollywood path to look like she said,”If I want to step into Bollywood, I want to do it just like Deepika. I love her and she is my absolute favourite.”

“I feel like right from modelling to films, the kind of work she has done is simply amazing, so if I do it, I want to do it just like her”, says Sasha.

Deepika was the one to break the stereotype that models cannot act. She was not just a successful model but also worked immensely hard on her acting skills over the years and today is the number one actress we have setting an example for the many other models who dream of stepping into Bollywood.

Deepika may have been criticised for her acting in her early days post the massive debut she got with Om Shaanti Om but she used it positively, which is extremely inspiring to aspirants and young girls who want to be like her. She stood by example that hard work and dedication can help you achieve anything you desire to.

Sasha has just stepped into the fashion scene becoming a quick favourite for major brands and designers and is already turning heads in the fashion industry.

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Director David Dhawan shares his thought behind bringing the hit of 90’s ‘Coolie No. 1’ back again with a twist!


Coolie No. 1 has made it to the cult classic films of the 90’s that one could re-watch numerous times for a killer on-screen pair and songs which still get our feet tapping. The film has been revamped with a modern day twist and director David Dhawan shares his thought and experience behind re-making the film.

“It’s my film that I made 25 years ago and the thought of a re-make had never come. What happened is I had to do something with Varun, and I was thinking what to do, what to do.”

David further adds, “When I asked Varun, if he liked this film, he saw it and didn’t answer. He was later getting a little convinced, as it was a very difficult film for him because we have one of the best actor playing his role, and there’s no comparison. At the same time, Vashu ji said let’s do this film, it’s a damn good film. That was the first film that Vashu and I had done. So that’s how the idea came.”

Director David Dhawan Sara Ali
D Sara Ali Khan | Varun Dhawan

Talking about the script, the director says, “When I started to work on the film/ script, I had to redo everything. If that wouldn’t have been ok I am not saying yes.”

Th makers have also released peppy tracks back to back, first Teri Bhabhi followed by Husn Hai Suhana which have made it to everyone’s party playlists once again.

Adding onto the Christmas cheer, Amazon Prime Video brings the World Premiere of David Dhawan’s 45th film Coolie No. 1. Directed by David Dhawan, the Bollywood romantic comedy is produced by Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani & Deepshikha Deshmukh.

The film also stars Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Javed Jaffrey and Johnny Lever. Prime members in India and across 200 countries and territories can stream the world premiere of Coolie No.1 starting December 25 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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