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PeeCee becomes the first Bollywood celebrity to join LinkedIn

It might sound a bit absurd to you that successful Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has recently joined LinkedIn ,which is a popular employment oriented website. But, there’s nothing to worry about actually, as there’s no point doubting her professional life as her career graph is touching great heights. It’s just that Priyanka has debuted on among the elite list, as a LinkedIn Influencer.

Priyanka shared this news on her Twitter account and posted the link to her profile on the portal. She posted “Excited to be a LinkedIn Influencer…a new platform, a new audience, a new perspective.” Her fist blog on the website had the topic, “Follow Your Instincts, Believe in Your Uniqueness and Never Be Afraid to Leap into the Unknown.” She also posted a video interview along with her post where an official from LinkedIn India interviewed, regarding her debut on LinkedIn.


In the video, Priyanka reveals a secret, disclosing that she always had a penchant for business but this is just the beginning she starts with to give wings to her entrepreneurial ambitions. It’s an altogether new experience for her, and probably the best way to connect with this vibrant community on LinkedIn to share and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Priyanka is very well known for her philanthropic work and that’s why suits best to be selected as a LinkedIn Influencer, as this honor is not something that anyone or everyone could enjoy because this designation is given to selected 500 professionals, who’ve been invited to publish on LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn Influencer, Priyanka is set to join a very selected group of Influencers that includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the very famous Indra Nooyi, Ban Ki-moon, Oprah Winfrey etc.

Achieving such a remarkable achievement, Akshay Kothari – the Country Manager of LinkedIn India, said that it would be exciting to know her unique perspectives on LinkedIn, with professionals across the globe as there’s a lot to learn from her, and be inspired by her success, as she continues to chart new heights.

Leaving behind all the popular B-town actors and actresses, the ambitious and gorgeous Priyanka Chopra has set a  remarkable success and has been not just the talk of the town, but is  globally spoken about for the same . Once again PeeCee proved beauty with brains by doing something special and receiving this great honor.