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Freshen your wardrobe with style, class and sophistication

If you are looking for something to freshen up your wardrobe, let me tell you that hats are a unique accessory. They represent the sheer elegance of class, style, and sophistication.  Today are you are looking for a light summer hat, a dress hat, or a casual hat, there are several options that we have discussed in this article. Take a peek for inspiration.

Trilby or Classic Hats


It is the most popular hat amongst all. It is also called Fedora hat. It is wide and flexible hat. It gained popularity because of the bend and curls on its taper and crown. Generally, trilby has a flat brim. It became most popular in the 20th century. It can be a nice choice for your day occasion dressing is it smart formals or formals.



It is a flat hat and made up of fine straws. It can be the best alternate of trilby and you want to look a bit different. It is a simple yet very stylish hat. It is also worn for special occasions.



One of the nicest hats in the list is the derby hat. Remember the hat that Amir Khan wore in Dhoom? Yes, it is that one. It has a round dome with no creasing on the crown. The brims are short and curled a bit. It can be a perfect mate for your casual dressing or show up on a date.

Panama hats


Panama hats are hand woven hats used to be worn by sailors in late 19th century. It looks somewhat similar to Trilby but the woven attribution makes it the most costly hat. Panama hat is very flexible and a style statement today.

Baseball cap

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are fun caps because of its versatility. Breaking the monotony of heavy caps on head, baseball caps are simple and cooler. It is made up of cotton.



Beanie is a nice choice for your winter casuals. It is made up of wool which is the reason it keeps your head and ears warm in winters. The crown of this cap is generally loosened up and suspended.

Beret caps


A round crown hat made up of soft crocheted cotton is super stylish. The typical artist look can be achieved with this one.

Bucket hat

Bucket Hat

Bucket hat looks like an inverted bucket on head. It is made up of cotton and the brims are not stiff rather they are loose. The crown is flat. It can be a nice choice for spring outing and summers too.

Newsboy caps

Newsboy Cap

It is one of the classic caps worn by European peasants in the 19th century. At that time newsboys and dockworkers used to carry this cap because of which it is called as newsboy cap. It can be a nice pick for your casual look.